“Sweet&Sour“ at “Gravity“


prieš kokius du tris metus ėmiau ir netyčia ištryniau. Visą tą laiką save graužiau žinodamas, kad prapuolė ir pats prapuldinau. Anų metų gruodžio pradžioje pradėjo girdėtis, kad gal yra. Yra! Antrą šv. Kalėdų dieną materializavosi, kaip kokiam Indų BrachtaiMachtai 🙂 SPAUSKI MEDIA||CACHE MYGTĄ. 

Some magic happened on 2002 04 04 at club Gravity, Vilnius, Lithuania. Undisputed Gigolo, mr Elbee Bad just happened to be in Vilnius (coming back from Russia or smth.) Augustas and I – we were doing our thing and he just grabbed the mic. we didn’t argue much 🙂 were no time. I am really proud of this one. Have a pleasant bounce! Js P.S. I did erase The Last Copy of this gig somewhat 2 – 3 years ago. And we have made just 5 hard copies… I thought that this one is lost for ever. But during Christmas period one nice and kind lady stated that she has one of those 5 CDs, she used 2 date one of our friends that we gave on of CDs as a present. PUSH THE MEDIA||CACHE BUTTON…NOW!


MEDIA || cache513 | JULIUS SOUR